Makeup TutorialStep by Step Guide to Makeup Application

Step by Step Guide to Makeup Application

Makeup can completely transform your appearance and provide you with added confidence, but sometimes the application can be tricky.

That’s why every woman should follow these eight simple steps on how to perfect your makeup application and the right sequence in which to do it.

1- How to Prepare Your Skin

Prepare your skin by either applying a moisturizer or a primer, but there is no need to do both.

2- How to Apply Eye Makeup

You may have thought that it was your foundation that you start with, but when it comes to makeup application it’s actually all about the eyes.

 Experts suggest that you start with your eye makeup so that stray pieces of eye shadow, or an accidental swoosh of mascara does not mess up your foundation.

3- How to Apply Concealer

The concealer comes next, and it’s a great way to cover up blemishes and skin imperfections; like dark under eye circles or discoloration.

Apply the concealer to the problem areas with a small brush and then dab with your finger to blend.

4- How to Apply Makeup Foundation

Pay close attention to the color of the foundation as you want to get as close to your normal skin tone as possible to achieve a natural look.

One way of making sure you pick the right color is by applying various shades to your hand and observing the colors in natural light.

The color that disappears is the right shade for your skin tone. Pick a foundation with a light coverage and one that has SPF properties to give your skin extra protection from the sun. To create dewy, radiant skin simply mix a small drop of illuminator into your foundation.

5- How to Apply Blush

Add a glow to your complexion by adding blush. The blush comes in a range of different hues and while you should pick one that compliments your skin tone.

You should also choose depending on the look what you wish to achieve – go lighter with a pink shade for daytime, and bring out the bronzer for a flawless evening look.  

When applying blush be sure to blend upwards towards the hairline and then downwards. Repeat this motion if you wish to intensify the color.

It’s important to note that some makeup artists prefer to do the cheeks last to tie them into the color of the lips and eyes if you prefer to follow this method then complete steps 1 – 8 as normal, and end with the blush.

6- How to Apply Lipstick

The lipstick looks great, but it’s important to prepare your lips before you draw attention to them.

Moisturize your lips with a Chapstick, or exfoliate them beforehand. If your lips are chapped and dry, you want to choose a lipstick shade that is as close to your natural lip color as possible.

If your lips are in a great condition then feel free to experiment with colors – red is always a favorite, but when applying darker shades always use a lip liner.  

7- How to Apply Lip-gloss

To create a glossy effect, finish off your lips by adding a layer of lip-gloss, and voila, you’re one step closer to flawless makeup.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and you have benefited from THETRENDSPOTTER advice.

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