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Winter makeup

Winter Makeup Tips

When the season changes to winter, we should change to winter makeup, because the weather and the weather and the light changes,

 as well as the condition of our skin.

This means that our winter makeup application techniques must adapt with this routine cycle of nature in order to keep us looking and feeling our best.

So, if you are looking for winter makeup tips, then read on, here we have put together a list of what we deem to be the 6 most important Winter makeup tips.

1 – Prep Your Skin for Winter Makeup

Harsh wind, severe cold, and central heating can all dry out the skin, causing sensitivity and dryness.

The winter calls for extra care of the skin to be taken, and so a good morning and evening skincare routine is crucial whatever age you are.

Use a rich night cream on clean skin before bed to ensure that your skin is conditioned in the morning before your cleanse,

tone and day cream routine.

This cared for and moisturized skin will then be ready for make-up.

2 – Keep Winter Makeup Light

Because of the drying effects winter can have on your skin, it is important to keep make-up lightly applied in terms of foundation, and focus on keeping the skin hydration.

Adding a bit of moisturizer to your foundation is also a good option if required for more hydration. Bear in mind, there is nothing worse than foundation that ends up highlighting dry areas of the face.

3 – Wear a Moisturizing Lipstick

Still on the moisturizing theme, lips can easily become dry and chapped, so keep them in their best condition with lip balm,

and when wearing lipstick, make it a moisturizing one.

Winter lends itself to stronger lip colors too to brighten up the face, so feel free to experiment with dark pinks, reds, and plums.

4 – Wear Waterproof Mascara

Cold wind, as well as the common cold, can cause our eyes to water. Make sure that your eye make-up is tear proof,

and ensure that you won’t end up with panda eyes when out and about in the colder months.

5 – Add Some Color to Your Cheeks

While bronzer will be out of the equation for most people during the colder seasons, blusher is a product that can be used to

add some color to winter paleness.

Adding a rosy shade to cheeks will help achieve a healthy and natural glow, without you looking too made-up.

6 – Avoid Powders

In most cases, powders such as face powder, powder blush, and even powdered eye shadow can highlight and encourage dryness.

Swap your powder produce for cream and liquid versions, so they help keep your face soft, supple and moisturized,

and make your makeup look better.

Products you can try include; cream or liquid foundation, liquid highlighter, cream blush or mousse blush, crayon or gel eye color,

and a moisturizing lip color.

Incorporate these winter makeup tips into your regular beauty routine and you will be prepared for the effects the colder weather can have on your skin – resulting in your makeup looking natural, flawless and fabulous.

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